Recruitment Information

Liigo is a startup which operates a location-based tourism search-engine.
Currently, with the advancements in the sharing economy and online travel agents, both tourist content (including what to see, restaurant information, transport methods etc.) and sites which provide these have increased in both variety and in number.

Liigo aims to be the one-stop location to access all these different tourist-oriented websites. We want to make ourselves the platform where tourists are able to find the tourist content most suited to themselves with minimal fuss – and thus provide the world with a way to access new tourist experiences that they would otherwise not be able to access.

This is also why we do not just operate a tourism search engine, but actively aim to unearth content in different localities which can provide value to tourists. This is why we work to help municipalities, hotels and tour operators with their marketing.

Liigo’s mission is to bring to the world a way to further cross-border interaction and to allow users to experience this sense of revelation inherent to traveling. We are currently a startup with 2 bases of operations and 4 nationalities represented in our team.

We are looking for new members to join us and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please send any applications to with a clear email title. Thank you!

* In order to provide a comfortable environment for its employees, Liigo is committed to respecting the diversity of its employees and treating them equally irrespective of their genders, nationalities etc. For more information, please view Diversity Policy

Roles Currently Hiring

Service: Liigo – the Tourism Search Engine

Systems Engineer (full time or intern)

Job Scope

  • Suggesting Liigo’s website design and implementing it working off Liigo’s UIUX.
  • System development for us to leverage on information provided by the APIs of partners

Preferred Skills

  • Development experience in: Ruby (>2 years), PHP (>3 years)
  • Development experience with: Ruby on Rails (Ruby), FuelPHP (PHP), CakePHP (PHP) etc.
  • Database development experience with: MySQL (5> years), PostgreSQL (2> years), MongoDB(2> years) etc.
  • Development experience with GitHub: Pull-request based development


  • 700k yen – 1.5 mil yen a month
  • Stock Options available (negotiable, purchasable after 3 months)

Service: Tourism Branding for Clients

Sales (full time / intern)

Job Scope

  • Sales to municipalities, hotels and tour operators for our online customer outreach support
  • Development of list of potential clients (Excel)

Preferred Skills

  • Experience in to-B sales
  • Experience in cold calling / telephone sales.


  • Performance bonus ~400k yen a month
  • Transport costs fully paid
Tourist Outreach Consultant (full time)

Job Scope

  • Management of the execution of projects aimed at our clients (municipalities, hotels and tour operators) in order to increase their inbound customer numbers.

Preferred Skills

  • Project Management Experience


  • Performance bonus ~ 400k a month
  • Transport costs fully paid