Currently, Liigo Inc. provides 2 services

Locality-based Tourism Search Engine Liigo

Liigo is a search engine which gathers various types of information regarding tourism (including but not limited to tourist spots, restaurants, events, tickets and tansport).

Liigo aims to provide tourists with a way to find the experiences that best fit them with the least fuss possible.

※Contents which Liigo encompasses:
Tourist information, tours, activities and experiences, restaurants, events and tickets, transport including buses and car rentals etc.

Liigo Website:

Tourism Branding Support

Providing web development, event and tour planning as well as access to Liigo to municipalities, hotels and tour operators who wish to strengthen their marketing to inbound tourists.

Our Strengths

  • Marketing support via our tourism search engine “Liigo”.
  • Comprehensive support from planning to implementation.
  • Access to specialists experienced in inbound-tourist attraction projects and their expertise.
  • Web development support by developers experienced in the travel industry.
  • Network of over 80 Instagrammers in 23 countries for marketing.